10 Best Most Comfortable Office Chairs Under $100

When it comes to office seating variety really is the spice of life! The variety of styles, colors, sizes and configurations are almost endless. There is an office chair to fit every need and budget.

In an office environment we spend almost as much time sitting. It only seems logical to expect our chairs to be comfortable. For maximum comfort there are ergonomic chairs offered by Humanscale, Steelcase, Herman MillerBodybilt and other fine brands but at the other side, these all the expensive brands and we are here to know best office chair under $100.

The reason for having advanced furniture at your office is for your client’s attraction. It’s essential that the clients are welcome in a professional manner and then the furniture they are sitting on should be attractive and comfortable. A welcoming atmosphere is vital however your furniture should conjointly mix with purpose and performance for your business.

The Influence of the Right Office Chair

Having the right desk chair can surely scale back potential harm of back pain. Moreover, it may increase worker output. Studies have indicated that an adjustable chair combined with advanced features will really cause a decline in back pain issues. More analysis has found that worker productivity may be enlarged by the maximum amount as 17.5% just by providing them with the proper chair and coaching.

Studies have shown that a lot of work-related injuries may be reduced and productivity can be enlarged just by replacing old-fashioned pieces of furniture with new advanced features furniture and you will feel great when you see the below collection which are comfortable and low-budgeted.

When putting together, these statistics and studies reveal that advanced seating is some things that each workplace should think about for his or her workers. It will facilitate to boost comfort, support, and increase the productivity of the worker. If your workers haven’t been supplied with these kinds of chairs, it is surely the thing that must be looked into.

Important Features of Office a Good Office Chairs

Office employees pay most of their time sitting on their workplace chairs, sometimes ahead of a PC, so as to induce their work done. Sitting on workplace chairs for a protracted time, however, will take its toll on the body. It will cause impaired blood circulation of the body, to sore and weakened muscles. However, sitting on workplace chairs for prolonged periods is inevitable as a result of that’s simply, however, most work is finished within the workplace today, therefore it’s vital for workplace chairs to be engineering science.

There are a variety of office chairs accessible to be used within the workplace. However, there are some features that are vital to be seen as a long-lasting workplace chair. These features can permit the individual user to form the chair work well for his or her specific wants.

Initially considering the common type of workplace chair, there are a variety of features a good office chair should have.

  • The height of office chair should be simply adjustable. An adjustment lever is the simplest way to do this. A seat height that ranges from concerning 15 to 20 inches off the ground ought to work for many people. This enables the user to own his or her feet flat on the ground, with thighs horizontal and arms even with the peak of the table.
  • The chair should have enough breadth and depth to support any user. Typically, 17-20 inches wide is the common breadth. The depth must be enough in order to enable the user to sit along with his or her back against the rearrests of the chair. The forward or backward tilt of the seat should be adjustable.
  • Lower back support should be present in a good office chair. Sitting for long periods with no support for the spine tends to strains the lower spine. The chair should have both height and depth adjustable so that every user will get the correct suitable support for the lower back.
  • The armrests of the chair should be adjustable. They must allow the user’s arms to rest well and shoulders to be relaxed. The elbows and lower arms should rest gently, and therefore the forearm shouldn’t be in the air while typewriting.
  • The backrest of the chair should be at least 12 to 19 inches wide. It should be able to support the natural curve of the spinal cord. If the chair has the seat and back as one piece, the back should be adjustable in forwarding and back angles, with a protection mechanism to prevent it from bending too way back once the user has determined the suitable angle.
  • The fabric of the chair seat and back should be enough artifact to be snug to take a seat on for extended periods of your time. Having a fabric that breathes is preferred.
  • A typical chair should rotate so that the user can reach different areas of his or her table while not straining.

In following; we are here with the list of best office chair under $100 that are enough best with the quality & your budget.

#1 Amazon Basics Mid-Back Mesh Chair [Super Seller]

The thought of an Amazon brand chair is exciting. The chair is built and quality are acceptable for the price range. The non-adjustable armrests are made of hard plastic material so you may find it not really comfortable.

It takes about 15-20 minutes to fully assemble the chair. Well-written instruction.

The chair can adjust from 17.5 to 22.5 inch in height (about 44-57 cm). Maximum load is 250 lbs.

Detail review is as following:

  1. Packaging: The product came in a carton package size of 10x23x26inch (24x58x65cm) approximately. Nothing fancy about this product packaging, the package looks not so study and protective from the outside. Mine actually came with one corner being deformed. On the carton, it says “Product origin of China”
  2. Tools required: (1x) of a pair of scissors (or an utility knife) to cut the carton box open, and (1x) Allen wrench which is included with the package.

This chair is fine for the price. The meshed back support is not really designed for ergonomic but it seems to be sturdy enough for its design intent. The chair height adjuster works fine, I measured and the chair can adjust from 17.5 to 22.5 inch (about 44-57 cm) in height. The back support can also tilt backward or forward based on your preference.

  • 225 lbs maximum weight holding capacity.
  • Black mesh back support provide breath-ability.
  • The height of the seat is easy to adjust as per need.
  • It has a 2-inch-thick padded seat for providing extra comfort.

  • Arm rest not comfortable.
  • Chair’s assembly is required.

Overall, this is a comfortable office chair with a minimalist design that should work in any modern office and make it best desk chair under $100.

#2 Amazon Basics Mid-Back Office Chair [Expert’s Choice]

Amazon Basics Mid-Back Office Chair is the top spot on this list of the best office chairs under $100, is another chair from Amazon Basics. Like the previous entry, it is affordable and features several important advantages.

The armrests are not adjustable. This is the same issue with the 2nd entry and isn’t a big deal unless adjustable armrests are important to you. So, this may not be a deal-breaker. This is especially true when you consider all the advantages, such as the price, comfort, and overall quality of the chair.

The bonded leather upholstery has a smooth feel. And, you can easily adjust the chair height. You can adjust the height between 16 and 21-inches, which is more range than most of the other chairs in this list.

  • It has comfortable padded seat and backrest.
  • Ergonomic design with extra lumbar support and comfort.
  • Dual-wheel casters – easily roll over carpeting too.
  • Stylish look with smooth contours – a decent looking office chair.
  • Completely adjustable – pneumatic controls allow you to easily raise or lower the seat according to the need

  • The armrests are not adjustable

#3 Homall Executive Swivel Leather Racing Style High-back Office Chair [Best Seller]

Homall Executive Swivel Leather Racing Style High-back Office Chair features a unique racing style design. It is designed more as a gaming chair but works excellent in the office as well. It may be better suited to home offices as the racing style may not suit the more professional decor. It has contoured segmented padding, an integrated padded headrest, and padded arms. It is adjustable. You can change the height, recline, and arm position. It is constructed of Softhearted leather and mesh.

This chair has a 250-pound weight capacity. The manufactured backs it with a limited lifetime warranty. It is available in three different colors: black/green, black/gray, and black/red.

  • Unique racing car seat like the design.
  • Soft padding seat.
  • Adjustable height, recline, and arms.
  • Available in 3 colors.
  • Up to 5 Year’s Accident Protection available.


This is a comfortable office chair with an elegant design that should work in any modern office and makes it best office chair 2018.

#4 BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair [Cool Looks]

BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair is this ergonomic executive office chair from Best Choice Products. For an executive chair, it is offered at a reasonable price. The frame is designed with a tall backrest and sloped arms.

The seat is narrower than some. If you prefer a wider seat, this could be inconvenient. Though, for most people, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The reclining seat is a bonus, but you need to be careful. The seat can easily recline too far back. Other than this one precaution, this is a great seat for optimal comfort and soft, leather upholstery. As a conclusion, it is the best and cheap office chair 2018.

  • The seat can rotate at 360-degrees.
  • The backrest, seat and upholstered are padded with PU leather.
  • The frame is durable and long lasting.
  • You can order the assembled chair.
  • The backrest of the chair can recline.

  • The seat is slightly narrow.

#5 Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair

This mesh task chair provides exceptional support to the hard-working professionals in your office.Transparent mesh across the back allows air to circulate, keeping you cool no matter how high the pressure gets. Built-in lumbar support helps prevent back strain and muscle fatigue. The swivel seat is padded with three-inches of CA117 fire retardant foam and covered with black mesh upholstery. Its waterfall edge is designed to relieve pressure and promote healthy blood flow to your legs. Raise and lower the seat using the pneumatic seat height adjustment lever, conveniently located under the seat. Turn the tilt tension adjustment knob to increase or decrease the amount of force needed to rock or recline. Lock the seat in place with the tilt lock mechanism. Padded armrests take pressure off your shoulders and neck, and flip up and out of the way, as needed. The heavy-duty, nylon base with dual wheel casters makes it easy to roll across the floor.Whether it’s a day filled with meetings or you’re working to beat a tight deadline, this stylish chair will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your busy day.

  • Includes a tilt lock mechanism with tilt tension knob.
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment.
  • CA117 fire retardant foam seat padding.
  • The chair has a 250-pound max. weight capacity.
  • Comfortable and sturdy.
  • The chair is also available with leather upholstery.
  • The armrests of the chair can flip-up.
  • The chair can rotate at 360-degrees.

  • The armrest height is not adjustable.
  • The chair is to be assembled manually.

The disadvantages are not major issues. Though, some people may not enjoy the fact that the arm rests are not adjustable. But, they do flip-up.

#6 Furmax Ribbed Office Chair Mid-Back PU Leather Executive Office Chair

Furmax Ribbed Office Chair Mid-Back PU Leather Executive Office Chair is a high-back office chair with modern styling and a variety of attractive features.

Adorable chair with pure white color and facy design. Makes my home looks very modern. The chair has satisfied material in this price, and light and easy enough to move. If you love white furniture to decorate your house, go for this!

  • Includes a tilt lock mechanism with tilt tension knob.
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment.
  • CA117 fire retardant foam seat padding.
  • The chair is also available with leather upholstery.
  • The armrests of the chair can flip-up.
  • The chair can rotate at 360-degrees.

  • The wheels do not roll well on thick carpeting.
  • The chair does not rock to and fro with tension control.

The tension control provides some flexibility and movability. But, it doesn’t allow you to rock to and fro like some other chairs. Also, it’s one of the more expensive options on this list.

In the end, this is a stylish chair with a variety of attractive features.

#7 OWLN Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chair

OWLN Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chair features an adjustable headrest and armrests. It is available in two different sizes. You can adjust the back angle and seat height. There has a lock on the tilt adjustment, as well as tension control option.

This chair promotes an ergonomically correct posture. Assembly is easy. It is easy to move since it is on five caster wheels. The headrest adjusts to the height of your head. The backrest includes built-in lumbar support to help ease back pain. The backrest is able to tilt so far that you could easily take a nap and if you wanted to. In fact, if you read the customer reviews you came to the conclusion that it is the top and cheap desk chair 2018.

Expert assembly is available. The company offers a 2-year free component exchange. Weight limit is 250 pounds max.

  • Adjustable headrest and armrests
  • Lockable tilt
  • Tension control
  • Built-in lumbar support


#8 AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair

Ideal for at work or a home office, this AmazonBasics low-back task chair offers exceptional comfort and convenience. Whether you’re pouring over a proposal, sketching a draft, or brainstorming with colleagues, the AmazonBasics task chair provides not only sleek, professional style, but also adjustable settings and reliable support for all-day comfort.

AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair is another great option. It doesn’t include arms. Instead, the design is minimal, with a focus on ergonomic support.

  • 225-pound max. weight capacity.
  • Black mesh back support offers breath-ability.
  • The height of the seat is easy to adjust.
  • Features a 2-inch-thick padded seat for extra comfort.

  • It does not include armrests – some people may prefer a chair with armrests.

The fact that it doesn’t include armrests may put off some consumers. Though, arms not a necessity. Removing them helps keep the chair light, flexible, and portable.

Overall, this is a comfortable office chair with a minimalist design that should work in any modern office.

#9 Bonum Ergonomic Bonded Leather Mid-Back Swivel Office Chair [Best Value]

Bonum, the professional office furniture supplier, now provides a great variety of excellent office chairs including ergonomic desk chair, task chair, executive & managerial chair, and more. With the combination of global intelligence, high quality material, reliable performance, and world class ergonomic design, Bonum keeps bringing best sitting experience to customers all over the world!

  • Like the design on the seat
  • Assembly was easy.
  • its height can be adjusted and it seem to go higher than normal.

  • Hard foam.

The design is elegant, with a focus on an ergonomic support which makes it best office chair under $100.

#10 Giantex Ergonomic PU Leather Mid-Back Executive Chair

No Matter Where You Are, This Kind Of Chair Will Keep You Comfortable And Stable All Day. The Pneumatic Gas Seat Easily And Effectively Adjusted From Seat To Desk On Workstation. 360 Degree Swivel Wheel And Chair Can Be More Flexible In The Working Space. Our Item Will Allow You Have Comfortable And Safe Experience During Busy Working Days.

This chair is great! Its looks so nice and is super comfortable! The armrests are very padded. It also looks great on the back. This is perfect for little office space in your living room and it looks more like a nice piece of furniture than an office chair.

The matte black of the base, the swivel wheels and the base of the armrests mix well. The post from the base to the bottom of the chair is covered with blankets of the same size to fit in the rest of the chair.

The adjustment arm exits to move the chair up and down and when the chair is pulled to the left, the chair can tilt.

The assembly took a little time because they provide you with an Allen key. Instructions are pictures and well labeled with numbered pieces for easy editing. It even has dark brown screws and screw caps to merge perfectly with the rest of the chair.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comfortable for long sitting.
  • Solid materials.

  • Heavy weight.
  • Huge space required.

As you know, most people who work in an office find that they spend the majority of their days in office chairs and usually not an ergonomic office chair! There are many different types of office chairs available on the office furniture market that can range from very affordable to quite expensive. Many times the relatively inexpensive office chairs can cause discomfort or problems associated with back pain, and even some of the more expensive chairs aren’t designed any better. The more expensive office chairs are only more expensive because they are made from more expensive materials, not necessarily because they have a more comfortable design. The need for more comfortable office chairs has led to a good deal of research, and eventually the design of something called an ergonomic office chair.

An ergonomic office chair is a good investment for any type of office environment. It has been proven that workers who are more comfortable, and who don’t have to suffer from common aches and pains caused by regular office chairs are often more productive when they sit in an ergonomic office chair.

There is task chairs available for almost any office seating need. Picking the right chair for the task is imperative. After all, a happy person is a productive person.

So take your time and view the above selections available before committing to a choice.

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