10 Best Vlogging Camera’s Under $300 For Your Vlog & Youtube Channel

Want to start your own video blog OR Youtube channel? That’s Great!

And you’re in search of a best camera for vlogging under $300?

No worries!

Well, you have landed to the right place, because we have here the 10 best vlogging cameras for you.

We believe, we have found the best camera for vlogging – and that’s saying something! It will not sound unreasonable nor surprising to you when we say that finding the perfect camera can be quite challenging.

With all the models, brands and features they offer, it’s just so hard finding the thing you want – one camera may have the frame-rate you want, but another may have the zoom, while another has the suitable mic. And there’s a matter of price.

Paying $2000 for a camera might not appeal to us all.

Besides, there are cameras that perform just as well as some companies’ flagship equipment, and at considerably lower price like under $300.

What To Look For When Buying a Vlogging Camera?

So, what features should you look at when cameras are concerned.

  1. Video Quality:
    Of course, the first concern is the video quality. An excellent video camera will probably allow you 4K footage. However, these are more expensive, probably in excess of $900.
    So, if you don’t want to pay that much, you may go for a Full HD camera. These film in 1080p which will provide you with more than enough quality to make excellent videos for your vlog.
  2. Weight:
    Secondly, there is the matter of weight. A good camera shouldn’t be too heavy, as you may want to film on the fly, using one hand, preferably.
    A heavy camera will most likely be a hindrance in that case, and it will cost you more. Therefore, for best effect, pick a camera that is comfortable to carry for prolonged times.
  3. Optical Image Stabilization:
    The third matter you need to consider is the Optical Image Stabilization. A good cameras for vlogging should have such an option on board because it will help improve the quality of your video. Of course, you can use various programs to stabilize your video afterward, but this will yield quality videos not as near as a video from a camera that has this option.
  4. Audio Quality:
    Fourthly, a good audio performance is a splendid addition to a camera. This is a necessity, as your vlog will probably lose its point if your audience can’t hear you.
  5. Good Lense:
    And lastly, pick a camera with a good lens. Since you’ll shoot videos at close range, a good lens is a necessity to create fine footage.

Well, that’s enough about technicalities, so let’s move on the list of best cheap vlogging camera’s just under $300.

#1 Sony HDR-CX405/B 

If you need a camcorder for less than 300-250 to buy this set, then you have a lot of cleaning fluid and cotton swabs. The camera itself is of good quality and the frame rate is 60, the B at the end of the camera title means absolutely nothing besides color.

Great quality for the price. Very light The image stabilizer works very well. It has a USB adapter built into the strap which is very beautiful. The sounds sound great. Powerful zoom function.

Sony HDR-CX405/B Full HD 60p Camcorder

Create a cinematic video in high definition 1920×1080 24p / 60p at 50Mbps in XAVC S and high quality still images at 9.2Mpx. The XAVC S format uses MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 for video compression and linear PCM for audio compression while preserving the files in an MP4 wrapper, which allows longer recording times and easy editing. Experience incredible low light sensitivity with improved image clarity and significantly reduced grain thanks to Sony’s Exmor R CMOS sensor with backlight.

Incredibly close with a 30x optical zoom and a 60x digital zoom with a clear picture. With most digital zoom lenses, electronic cropping is used to get closer to the subject, resulting in blurry images. With Clear Image Zoom, the powerful processor compares the patterns of adjacent pixels and creates new pixels corresponding to the selected patterns, resulting in more realistic and better images. Clear Image Zoom doubles the optical zoom for better photos and videos.

The high-speed USB 2.0 integrated cable allows easy connection to your computer for loading or transferring files without having to remember separate cables. It also fits comfortably in the wrist strap, so it’s out of the way until you need it. The charge of your camcorder is now faster than ever via USB; for every two minutes of loading, you get one minute of recording.

Intelligent Auto: This function automatically determines the type of scene recorded and optimizes a combination of settings of three groups (face, scene, motion blur). It offers the best results for 90 types of scenes, even at night and in back-lit scenes. The selected settings are displayed as icons on the LCD screen for easy reference.

  • Good quality
  • Very light weight
  • The image stabilizer works very well

  • The camcorder took great pictures in the light but in low light the pic was not good as per reviews.


#2 Kimire Camcorders Digital Camera [Best Seller & Cheap]

This is a very good camcorder for the price-wise. Production is very nice because it is very light in weight.

It is enough to put it in your pocket and easily to take it with you outside or anywhere you want.

The weight is always problem for many peoples to buy cameras or camcorders, because most of people carry more than 2 items at a time.

If you need something very light and of good quality, so don’t lose the momentum.

There is a function of the camcorder that you will like the most that the camera turns on or off automatically when you open the screen and the camcorder turns off automatically.

This function really facilitates you because it will improves your time consuming.

If you try to make a video yourself, you can rotate the screen so that you can see it in the recording. These functions are easy to use, they are fairly simple.

Here is the un-boxing & video review from youtube.


#3 Canon PowerShot SX530

The PowerShot SX530 HS combines an extended zoom lens, a high-resolution image sensor and extensive sharing capabilities, and is a versatile and convenient digital camera from Canon. A high-sensitivity 16 MP CMOS sensor and a pair of DIGIC 4+ image processors form the HS SYSTEM for outstanding image clarity, especially in difficult and low light conditions, ISO 3200 sensitivity and high speed 10 fps.

You will see the un-boxing of Canon PowerShot SX530 in this video:

In addition to working in a wide variety of situations, a 50x zoom lens offers an equivalent focal length range of 24-1200mm, which also benefits from Intelligent IS image stabilization for clear, sharp reproduction. In addition to the recording options, the SX530 HS is also wirelessly operated, with the ability to transfer images directly to mobile devices via Wi-Fi, connect to NFC and control the camera remotely from smartphones or tablets connected.

Full HD 1080 / 30p video recording is also supported in addition to taking pictures and is easily accessible via a dedicated video button. The advantage of working with subjects that move at a distance, Zoom Framing Assist helps to maintain focus and composition when working with longer focal lengths. Auto Hybrid, Smart Auto and Creative Shot modes are available to refine the look of images, and is incorporated a 3.0 “LCD 461k-point in ergonomic design for the monitor and display of live viewing. In addition, the SX530 HS is compatible with the CS100 Connect Station option for wireless automatic backup, 16MP CMOS image storage and image exchange, and the 16 MP High Sensitivity CMOS Sensor DIGIC image processor.

High resolution images, coupled with the DIGIC 4+ image processor has remarkable clarity and sensitivity at 3200 ISO and a continuous shooting speed of up to 10 frames per second. The sensor and processor work together to create Canon’s HS system, which is able to produce clear, rich low-light situations with minimal noise and vivid detail.

  • Crystal Clear Results.
  • Great Pictures.
  • Well Put Together.

  • Battery consumption too high.


#4 ORDRO Wifi Camcorder

Great camera with an outdoor gun! It has three different resolutions, which can be adapted to your needs. It also comes with a remote control, so you can use it comfortably! The camera bag is supplied with a high quality product. You can put both the camera and the microphone in the bag and take them anywhere, where you want.

It is also very easy to control the camera with the app on your mobile phone that make you the remote free as you can control the camera with your phone.

This is a relatively inexpensive camcorder for what it is meant to be, and has all the basic functions of zooming, night vision, etc. It will certainly not be comparable to an expensive DSLR in terms of image quality, but you get what you pay for.

If you only need a quick and fun video recording, then that’s it. If you have children who are interested in videography and do not want to break the bank, this is a nice accessible piece of access.

Check the un-boxing video here!


#5 Nikon Coolpix S7000

Nikon Coolpix S7000 have high zoom power in a small 20x optical zoom / 40x dynamic zoom function, an improved digital zoom function that effectively doubles your range; with vibration reduction for close-ups near a distant action, even in low light. Built-in Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC, NFC for Android smartphones v 4.0 or higher) allows you to share wireless photos with a compatible smartphone. Record Full HD 1080 / 60i video with stereo sound, apply fun picture effects, choose from 18 scene modes to overcome difficult situations and more, then share your great pictures in an instant!

Shoot the ultra-thin, ultra-slim COOLPIX S7000 from a pocket or handbag, zoom in with much more power than you’d expect from such a small 20x camera, and capture beautiful close-ups of distant action. Then use the built-in Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC) ** technology to connect your camera to a compatible smartphone, so you can wirelessly upload photos from the COOLPIX S7000 to your smartphone! With Vibration Reduction (VR), your 16-megapixel photos stay bright and your 1080 / 60i Full HD movies, scene modes to overcome difficult shooting situations and creative image effects will be the jealousy of your friends.

At the touch of a button, the COOLPIX S7000 becomes a powerful video camera. 4-axis Hybrid Vibration Reduction (VR) helps you create smooth, fluid, tripod-free videos and a built-in hi-fidelity stereo microphone. Apply creative effects, combine short video clips in a 30-second timeline, and even create beautiful, fast-motion movies in the camera.

Check out here the Un-boxing & First look of Nikon Coolpix S7000

  • Uploading The Pictures Is Very Easy Via The Wifi.
  • The Image Stabilization On This Is Just Fantastic.
  • It’S Super Easy To Use .

  • Image Constantly Shaking.
  • Difficult To Plug Charger Into Camera.


#6 Nikon Digital Camera Coolpix S6600BK

This Nikon camera is great! These are small but complete functions. You have a flip-up display panel as a video camera and the S6600 functions as a video camera limited only by the size of your memory card. Buy a 32GB card because you will take many more pictures than usual. The optics are great.

Not only stylish but incredibly functional, the camera has a variable angle LCD that can be tilted in different angles to capture from any position. Flip the screen toward you for self-recording or tilt it for high-angle shots above people’s heads or when taking small or small pictures of pets. Use the Gesture control, which recognizes the movements of your hand to control the shutter and zoom at a distance, with a countdown to give you time to take a pose.

Works for Full HD 1080 / 60i movies as well as for taking pictures.

If your monitor can freely adjust the angle and direction, distance as a subject and determine yourself. Nikon Coolpix S6600.

  • It Is Small Yet Full Features.
  • The Images Is Very Nice And The Quality Too.
  • Has Nearly All The Features Of The New Digital Slr Cameras.

  • Image Constantly Shaking.
  • Difficult To Plug Charger Into Camera.


#7 GoPro HERO5 [Choice of Amazon]

Capture several with HERO5 Black. Share immersive 4K perspectives that give you the feeling that you are there.

HERO5 Black makes it easy to use with the simplicity of a button, the handy touch screen and the waterproof design. Smooth, stable video, crystal-clear audio and professional-quality photo recording combined with voice control and GPS make HERO5 Black the most impressive GoPro of all time. And when it’s time to edit and share, HERO5 Black automatically uploads footage to your GoPro Plus cloud account to provide easy access on any device. Then create great videos automatically with Quick, the mobile app for editing GoPro. Your life like you’ve never seen before – HERO5 Black.

HERO5 Black balances performance and ease of use with 4K video, voice control, user-friendly touchscreen and waterproof design. Now with QuikStories, HERO5 Black automatically sends your footage to your phone, making it a great processed video. Combined with stabilized video, professional photos and an automatic download to the cloud with GoPro Plus, HERO5 Black gives you the power to tell your story.


  1. Requires GoPro and Quik mobile applications.
  2. GoPro Plus is a subscription service available in certain territories. Cancel at any time Automatic upload of the cloud requires a connection to a wall socket (not included), a full battery and a GoPro Plus membership. The actual product specifications may vary and all features, characteristics and specifications of the product may be changed without notice or obligation. GoPro, HERO, Session, Karma and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

  • Rugged + Waterproof.
  • The Lens Is Bright When It’S Wide,
  • Small Making It More Portable

  • Slow Working Focus.
  • Photos Are Suddenly Very Grain.


#8 Nikon D3400 (Little bit higher than $300) [Expert’s Choice]

Before the Nikon D3400 digital SLR camera with 18-55mm lens (black), you chose to facilitate your smartphone camera. Zooming in was not practical. Photographing in low light was almost impossible. Capturing fast action was a lucky game. But after the D3400 you will see that you compromise the quality of the image. That some of the best photos happen when the light is dim. This fast action can be frozen in perfect clarity. And who can work a camera and a smartphone in harmony for the photos you share absolutely wonderful make.

FEATURES: an amazing simplicity – Photos and videos taken with the D3400 and stunning NIKKOR lens are just as vivid and realistic as moments that they save. Record in extremely low light without problems. Freeze fast action in his ways. Make portraits with rich, natural skin tones and beautiful faded backgrounds. The photos you share will amaze everyone, even yourself. Camera, smart phone and cloud in perfect harmony – Bridge snap has changed the cameras and smart phones together way – and that Nikon has. Take a picture with the D3400 and is automatically transferred to your compatible smartphone or tablet, ready to share. Bridge Pressure works seamlessly with NIKON ESPACE IMAGE, a location for storing and sharing clouds, backing up your photos and helping you create and share albums with friends and family. The future of photo sharing is here. A camera that’s designed for you – Compact and lightweight, the D3400 is designed to go wherever you go. Even novice DLSR owners will feel at home quickly – camera controls are intelligently designed for comfort and intuitive operation. The clear optical viewfinder offers clear, glare-free vision of the world, and the comfortable grip allows precise operation. The Gateway to Better Photography – The D3400 makes photography easy and fun, allowing you to focus on your natural talents – taking great photos, anticipating special moments, and finding unique perspectives in everyday scenes.

  • The Lens Is Super-Fast.
  • Focus Is Pretty Darn Good.
  • Picture Qualities Are Awesome.

  • Poor Battery Life.


#9 Canon PowerShot SX610 HS [Amazon’s Choice]

With its incredibly slim profile and sleek new design, the Canon Powers SX610 HS camera offers a powerful array of advanced features. The 18x Optical Zoom gives you excellent versatility, while the Intelligent IS delivers virtually vibration-free images at any zoom length, and Auto Zoom helps you visualize your subject and keep it neat. Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC make it a perfect all-day camera – send images and videos to compatible mobile devices and on your computer, share directly with some social networking sites, take remote photos with your smartphone or tablet. . The picture quality is remarkably sharp and resonant, even when shooting in low light, thanks to the high-sensitivity 20.2-megapixel CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 4+ image processor, which together form the Canon system HS.

It is easy to capture clear and stable images even in low light without using a tripod. This is because the camera is equipped with Canon Intelligent Intelligent IS. The system automatically analyzes the movement of the camera and applies the best method of shake correction to the shooting situation, allowing you to focus on framing and capturing your photo. For still images, the system selects IS, Panning IS, Macro (Hybrid) IS, and Tripod modes. When recording a video, the system selects Dynamic IS, Powered IS, Macro (Hybrid) IS, and Active Tripod IS modes. The icons clearly show how the image stabilizes, whether you’re taking photos or videos.

Check out here the un-boxing video of Canon PowerShot SX610 HS.


  • Takes Wonderful Pictures, Even In Low Light
  • Compact
  • Easy To Use

  • Maybe Delay in Focusing.


#10 Nikon COOLPIX B500 Digital Camera [Amazon’s Choice]

Nikon COOLPIX B500 Digital Camera (Black) manufacturer simply amazing pictures and videos COOLPIX B500 feels good in your hands, as you zoom in with NIKKOR super telephoto lens and 1080P Full HD video recording with the folding LCD. And he gets all the work of making beautiful photos and videos with his 16-megapixel sensor for low light, Lens-Shift (VR) vibration reduction, simple menus and controls, fun creative effects and excellent automatic operation. In addition, you can easily and seamlessly connect the COOLPIX B500 to a compatible smartphone via low-power Bluetooth (BLE) technology for direct photo sharing and remote control of cameras throughout shooting.

The COOLPIX B500 feels good in your hands, whether you’re zooming in on the super-NIKKOR glass lens or recording 1080p Full HD movies with the flip-up LCD screen. And he gets all the work of making beautiful photos and videos with his 16-megapixel sensor for low light, Lens-Shift (VR) vibration reduction, simple menus and controls, fun creative effects and excellent automatic operation. In addition, you can easily and seamlessly connect the COOLPIX B500 to a compatible smartphone via low-power Bluetooth (BLE) technology for direct photo sharing and remote control of cameras throughout shooting. Just awesome.

  • Awesome Picture Quality.
  • Light-weight.
  • Easy To Use

  • Focusing Far Away.
  • Auto Focus is not good.


Trust you will like the above collection and hope that you’ll find the best vlogging camera for you under $300.

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