10 Best OFF Road Hoverboard 2018 [Buyer’s Guide]

If you are interested in buying a hoverboard to enjoy its ride, you must have already heard a lot about them. When hoverboards were created, they were not as advanced as they are now.

These days, there are a lot of hoverboards in the market. You can easily find them in any toy store or tech stores.

Almost every tech brand is providing the best hoverboards for you. There is a huge competition in the market of hoverboards. Some make premium hoverboards at very high prices, some offer additional features at low prices.

But before buying a hoverboard, you should know about its features and specifications. These specs and features can be found online in the product’s description. Some of the highlighted features, which are very common to have in a hoverboard nowadays, are self-balance, Bluetooth speaker connectivity access, LED lights, built-in wireless speakers, among others.

We will show you the top 10 off-road hoverboards in the world but before we do so, we would also like to give you some information about the things you must keep in mind when buying a hoverboard.

  • What kind of hoverboard do you need?
    Before buying a hoverboard, you should also plan which type of hoverboard you need. Do you want to ride it in the house? Or in a track Or even at off-road locations? Or do you want a hoverboard for your kids? Buy a hoverboard that meets your desires.
  • Where should you buy a hoverboard?
    There must be many offline markets near you, which are providing you with decent hoverboards. But the best way to buy a hoverboard is to check it online because on the online market there is a vast variety of products which will make your choice become easier.
  • How much you need to spend on a hoverboard?
    There is no standard price for hoverboards at the moment. If your budget is under $100, then you have to take a step back. Because a good hoverboard will cost you at least $100,going up to more than $1000 for a single hoverboard.

If you are interested in off-roading, then you must buy a hoverboard that is specifically made for that. Here we will show you the top 10 off-road hoverboards. You just need to read about them and wisely select the hoverboard that meets your needs, and if you want to buy any of these hoverboards, there will be a link below each one’s description. Let’s move on to our topic. The top 11 off-road hoverboards in the world are the following.

10 Best OFF Road Hoverboard 2018

Best Fastest Hoverboard

#1 EPIKGO Premier Series

The EPIKGO is bigger and better hoverboard.

It is almost two times more powerful than others. It has fast charging technology which takes only two hours to fully charge it to provide you more rides.

It has wireless speaker, which produce a great sound essence. It has passed 159 safety tests including short-circuit tests, water-resistance tests, anti-fire tests and many others, which makes it one of the safest hoverboards to ride.

It has 400W of electrical strength in both motors. It can ascend up to 18 degrees of willing slopes. Its single cycle of a fully-charged battery lasts 1 hour.

It has also a smart self-balancing feature which makes your ride faster.

So, this is the only fast charging off road hoverboard. Grab it yours.


Best All Terrain Hoverboard

#2 CHO All Terrain OFF-Road Hoverboard

The CHO hoverboard comes at number 1 in our list because of various reasons.

This hoverboard is easy to use and will make you a master at riding hoverboards in a very short time. The CHO hoverboard has some o very good features and specs that are mostly available in high-end or premium hoverboards.

  • It has 8.5-inch wheels, which are all-terrain black rugged.
  • It is an electric hoverboard or scooter.
  • It just demands to charge it well before using it.
  • No replaceable battery is needed.
  • Its battery is a massive-capacity Li-on battery of 4000 mAh with 36 Volts. It has zero emissions, is secure, with an environmentally-friendly motor of 700 Watts (350W*2). Its maximum weightload: 120 kg (264.5 lbs), and a minimum load: 20 kg (40 lbs). Max mountaineering: 17 diploma. Pedal peak: 110 mm (4.33 Inches). Charging Time: 90-120 minutes.It includes acharger with a charging voltage: AC 100-240V, 50hz or 60hz international. Runtime: about 20 km (~13 miles) in step with complete price. Max speed: 10 Km/h (~8.5 Mph).
  • It also has Bluetooth speakers in it, with premium sound quality and it can be connected to every device that has a feature of Bluetooth connectivity in it, like a computer, mobile, laptop, tablets, smart TV, android and iOS phones.
  • You can enjoy your rides even in dark as it has powerfull LED lights.

It has LED lights. It is a certified hoverboard from UL2272. It also has a very modern feature that makes it easier to ride and safer for new riders or beginners, which is the smart self-balancing feature.

There are two variants of this hoverboard:


One is black in colour and another one has a camo pattern on it. The scooter with the camo pattern on it is a bit expensive than the black one.


#3 NHT All Terrain Off-Road Electric Hoverboard

The NHT hoverboard comes in second place on our list. This hoverboard also has quite decent features and specs, which are very good. It is an easier to use and efficient hoverboard.

  • It has 8.5-inch vacuum tires with large shock-absorbent solid rubber. Large wheels help the user to maintain their balance in every kind of terrain. They provide the user with a smooth riding experience.
  • It has the energy of dual 350w automobiles to experience uphill on inclines up to 18 diploma; you can effectively roll across any light dust, grass, and even gravel.
  • It has Bluetooth speakers, which give premium-quality sound.

When you use this hoverboard then you’ll notice that it has good battery timing as when its fully charged, you will ride up-to 10 miles with the efficient lithium polymer battery.

The maximum speed is 9 miles per hour, although 9 miles per hour is not a very high speed if you compare it with the speeds of other hoverboards buts it’s very fair.

It also does not take too much time to fully charge it, just takes only 2 to 3 hours to charge it fully.

This hoverboard tested unfastened from any capacity fireplace risks and has surpassed UL2272 requirements based totally at the countrywide requirements for electrical protection. The package of this hoverboard includes a hoverboard with a power charge and a user manual.

Get it now and enjoy your ride.


#4 GoTRAX Hoverfly XL All Terrain Hover Board

This GoTRAX hoverboard has all-terrain 8.5 inches solid rubber rugged tires which are capable of off-roading.

It has top-ranking torque with 350W of power in its dual motor which makes it more powerful and energy efficient.

The highlight feature of it is not a technical spec, but its colours. It is available in seven different colours, with many options of styles to choose the best one for you.

It has the self-balancing feature that makes it easier to use for amateurs and beginners.

This hoverboard supports heavy weight upto 220 lbs which is quite a decent amount of weight capacity so that every person can ride it and its long lasting battery provides you the maximum ride enjoyment of 12 miles which is almost equal to 90 minutes of the ride.

This hoverboard have speed limit of 7.4 miles per hour which is quiet good and you can enjoy the every ride even in dark OR night with the powerful glowing LED lights.

This hoverboard also certified from UL2272 so no need any other authentication to buy this one.


#5 COLORWAY All-Terrain 8.5” Off Road Hoverboard

The colorway hoverboard comes with very powerful features that’s make your ride very perfect.

It has dual motors of 35W which will give you a formula 1 racer feeling. Everyone who rides this hoverboard will say that it’s a supercar, not a hoverboard.

Another great feature of this hoverboard is the weight capacity that it can handle. It can resist up to 120kg/264.6lbs, which means it could be ridden by a group of kids, but keep in mind that a hoverboard should only be used by one person at a time; doingotherwise is not a wise choice.

This hover has 8.5 inches wide alloy wheels which are specially designed for off-road rides you will get more foot space, more control, more stable drive.

Some of the quick features of this hoverboard:

  • Smart pedals which are more grippy and make the ride easier and smoother.
  • Bluetooth connectivity feature to connect any device.
  • Mobile Application: This hoverboard comers with offical application which allow to connect the LED lights & speaker very easily.
  • The support speed is 10-15 km/hour which is aweome in this price range.
  • This is a best hoverboard for teenager as well as for adults as the supports minimum weight 20kg and the 120kg maximum weight
  • The maximum uphill gradient of this hoverboard is 15 degrees.
  • It also has LED lights which are bright enough which helps to see in dark, which makes the ride more easier and enjoyable.


Best Cheap Off-Road Hoverboard

#6 NHT Anti-fire Hoverboard

Yet another NHT hoverbaoard which comes with anti-fire plastic material which makes it fire resistant.

You will feel better while riding as its wheels are 8.5-inch wide vacuum tires made up of an alloy. They allow the hoverboard to be ridden in every kind of path or terrain.

When you comes on the body so the outer shell is very strong and the whole body is covered with an anti-fire material that makes it reliable and provide the more security & safety while riding.

This board have the built-in Bluetooth connectivity, in which you can connect any Bluetooth device with the board speakers to make your ride enjoyable and the sound quality of bulit-in speaker is very premium & high quality.

This board comes with dual motors having 700watts which provide you the powerful rides like a jet and the battery’s energy is 36 Volt/4000 mAh, which is a large-capacity Lithium-ion battery with zero emissions, safe and environmentally friendly.

The non-flammable batteries are installed in this board that’s a really safer & cool feature.

The maximum load it can lift is up to 120kg, which is almost equivalent to 264 lbs and the minimum weight needed to ride on it is 20 kg, which is equal to 40 lbs as this is also a best hoverboard for heavyweight peoples.

The maximum climbing angle is 17 degrees and its pedal height from ground level is 110 mm equals to 4.33 Inches.

This one is the fast charging hoverboard as you can charge it fully within 90-120 minutes which seems cool and the charger provided with this board is made with very good quality, the voltage of provided charger is AC 100-240V 50hz or 60hz.

This hoverboard provide the best run time which is about 20 km or 13 miles per full charge which is awesome.

It is available in many colours and patterns, which makes your choice easier to adapt to your desired style. Its package includes the off-road hoverboard, a charger, and a user manual.


Best hoverboard for 400LBs

#7 Swagtron T6 Off-Road Hoverboard

The highlighted feature of the Swagtron T6 is its tendency to resist high weights. It can lift up to 420 lbs of weight, making it the first hoverboard of the world that can carry more than 380 lbs.It is a great choice for people of every size and weight.

Its tires are very large, with 10 inches of diameter, and are grippy and made for off-roading. They are tubeless and designed in a way they can be used on every type of terrain.

It can also climb up to 30 degrees on an inclined surface. Its top speed is 12 mph.

After knowing all these specs, you should also know that regarding its battery timing is on the back foot. It can run 12 miles per fully-charged cycle and it takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge it.

It also has app sync which can connect with every device, LED lights, and Bluetooth speaker connectivity.


OFF Road Hoverboard with Bluetooth

#8 TOMOLOO Hoverboard

The TOMOLOO is a very safe hoverboard and its safety is certified from UL2272. The outer body is protected by the hard material used on its outer surface, which is fire resistant making it an anti-fire hoverboard.

The electric circuits inside it will never get the short circuit. Its battery is also safe from explosions or overheating and the charging port has a waterproof cap on it to prevent water from going inside the hoverboard.

All of these safety features will satisfy any user.

  • It has 8.5-inch large tires, with a better grip, which makes it so much easier to ride on any kind of terrain. It also has the self-balancing feature in it, which makes it a lot easier to climb up to 20 degrees of inclined surfaces.
  • Its dual motors are also very powerful, having 350W of electric power in each motor,making this hoverboard speed up to 12 mph. This speed is not bad; in fact it is great. If its battery is fully charged, the user can ride it up to 12 miles.
  • It has a new 4.2 Bluetooth technology which allows it to connect with every device at reach.
  • It has stereo speakers, which give it a great sound.
  • It can be synchronized with apps.
  • It has LED lights and its colour can be changed from the app of the hoverboard. You can also set an auto power off/on time from that app.

Its package includes an off-road hoverboard, a charger, a user manual, and a carrying bag. So, lets take it yours.


Best Smart Self Balancing Hoverboard

#9 WorryFree Gadgets Hoverboard

Like most of the above hoverboards, the Worryfree is also certified from UL2272.

It has 8.5-inch tires that are capable being used on any kind of terrain. Worryfree is also specially designed for off-road riding. It has certified Bluetooth speakers, with stereo sound speakers that provide a great quality of sound.

It also has the smart self-balancing feature, which makes it easier to ride for kids and amateurs. Because of its smart self-balancing feature, it can easily climb up to 17 degrees on sloping facades.

The battery capacity is good as up to 36 Volt/4000 mAh, a Li-ion battery with zero emissions and full safety.

It has a power-efficient motor, having 700 Watts of electrical energy, contributing to both motors’power.

It can carry a maximum load of 120 kg, which is 264.5 in pounds and a minimum load of 20 kg (40 lbs).

It takes 90-120 minutes to fully charge. Its battery lasts after about 20 km per full charge. Its maximum speed is 10 Km/h which not that bountiful.


Best OFF Road Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

#10 CHO Electric Hoverboard

It is a hoverboard with 8.5-inch large, off-road solid tires made of rubber, which provide a smooth ride on every terrain.

It has Bluetooth speakers and a stereo speaker with premium sound quality. Its powerful Lithium-ion battery contains 36 Volt/4000 mAh of energy, with a large-capacity.

It’s a safe tech machine with a certification of UL2272. It has zero emissions,providing no chance of battery explosion or overheating.

This hoverboard also comes with dual motors, making its total power of 700 Watts (350W in each motor). It can lift a maximum load of 120 kg and a minimum load of 20 kg. It can climb a maximum of 17 degrees and the pedal height from the ground is 110 mm.

It takes 90-120 minutes to fully charge it and the running time is incredible. It can run about 20 km per full charge. The maximum speed it can reach is 10 Km/h, which quite fair.


#11 Gyroor Warrior OFF ROAD Hoverboard

Looking for a best all terrain hoverboard so Gyroor Warrior is the best budgeted hoverboard which has 8.5-inch wide tires like the majority of these scooters have, which are also created for any kind of terrain. It also has Bluetooth speakers with a bonus quality of sound. It has LED lights whose colour can be changed through the app. It allows app synchronization, which is a modern feature in most of these scooters.

It is made of a hard material that makes it durable and long-lasting. It has 350W of electric potential in each motor.

It also has a smart self-balancing feature also certified from UL2272.

You can ride on it with maximum speed around 10 mph.


So, these are the top 10 best off-road hoverboards in the world according to their features and price. If you are thinking of buying a hoverboard, it is recommended to choose one of the above listed hoverboards because they are the most popular and best-selling hoverboards in the world.

Additionally, their features are also very prominent and useful. Whenever you ride a hoverboard, make sure that you are wearing every safety gadget necessary. Enjoy your ride.

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